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Why Is Feeding Assistance Important?


Malnutrition and unintentional weight loss are widespread problems among the elderly aging in place due to feeding difficulties. It can range from mild to severe for the elderly with chronic disease and mobility impairment.

It’s possible to improve the health and well-being of seniors by increasing their nutrient intake through the timely and accurate detection of feeding difficulties and creating a suitable care plan.

Usually, family caregivers can be responsible for meeting the specific requirements of their elderly loved ones in their care, whether preparing or feeding their meals. Those who rely entirely on their loved ones to eat may benefit significantly from extra patience and affection from those who care for them.

However, if one doesn’t know how to feed correctly or wants to care for their loved ones better, many home care services can provide different kinds of help, including feeding assistance.

The care team delivering this service must have excellent interpersonal skills and always maintain open lines of communication to provide excellent care. With proper feeding, the elderly may regain the courage to eat independently.

At Providence Care Home, Inc., our carers tailor meal plans and feeding strategies as part of our home care in Illinois so that even the most finicky eaters cannot resist the healthy and delicious meals they prepare!

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