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Elderly Feeding Tips You Must Know


Feeding an elderly person can be a varied experience for everyone. Some individuals need additional assistance to eat, while others don’t need any. However, regardless of the situation, you must know what to expect and do. As a licensed provider of home care services in Illinois, we give you some tips to consider:

  • Prepare the Area

    A well-ventilated dining area with appropriate lighting should be prepared. Setting the environment and the mood enhances the elder’s focus during the meal.

  • Food Considerations

    Food choices vary according to the elder’s preference, nutritional needs, swallowing abilities, and appetite. Consulting trusted home care in Illinois can help prepare an appetizing and well-balanced meal plan for your senior.

  • Feeding Proper

    Ensure that the elder is sitting comfortably in an upright position for proper chewing and safe swallowing. Serve the food at the right temperature and in adequate portions. Provide fluids for those seniors who cannot feed themselves. Then, be alert and provide appropriate assistance if needed.

  • Post Feeding

    Proper hygiene should be observed. Assist the elder in rinsing the mouth, performing oral care, and in cleaning the dentures if necessary. Then, let him sit in an upright position for 20-30 minutes to prevent aspiration.

Feeding and assisting elderly persons can be a handful. If you need support from care experts, Providence Care Home, Inc. is here to offer quality senior care in Skokie, Illinois. Check out our website and send us a message to know more about our services.

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