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Medical Devices You Should Keep Handy with Seniors

Medical Devices You Should Keep Handy with Seniors

Getting the vital signs is essential every day to know if something is wrong with a patient under home care in Illinois. Seniors may have health conditions that need constant monitoring, so it is vital to bring a kit containing necessary small equipment, especially when they love going out.

These medical devices are affordable and compact. You can put these in a small bag or an emergency medical kit in the car or a go-bag you bring with them wherever they go.

  • Non-contact digital thermometer
    Getting their body temperature is necessary. With this tool, you can detect signs of fever or temperature changes quickly and conveniently.
  • BP monitor
    As its name suggests, we use the BP monitor to check blood pressure. Many elders under senior care in Skokie, Illinois, have high blood pressure that may fluctuate anytime. And cardiac arrest is something we want to prevent.
  • Pulse Oximeter
    A pulse oximeter detects high saturation of hemoglobin in the arterial blood. It will show the level of oxygen of a person. And oxygen level is alarming when it drops below 85 percent.
  • Nebulizer
    This device transforms medicine into a mist. It can help reduce lung inflammation and open the air passages. Choose a compact version and keep it handy. And do not separate it from the prescription medications you use with it.

With these tools, you can save the lives of the elderly and the whole family. If you don’t know how to use them, ask your home care services provider to demonstrate them.

Your family can rely on Providence Care Home, Inc. anytime and anywhere. You can guarantee that we provide the best care and supervision so your elderly loved ones will enjoy aging as promised.

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