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Let us lend you a hand.

When your health condition hinders you from eating well and preparing your food on your own, availing of our feeding assistance services might be one of the best ideas. We guarantee you that our caregivers cook delicious and nutritious foods that even picky eaters can’t resist. They also specialize in various feeding strategies suitable for different clients. Whether you are disabled, old, or ill, we’ll compassionately and patiently assist you with eating and drinking to reduce unlikely situations to happen.

  • We set the mood at mealtime.
  • We treat clients with respect.
  • We listen to their needs and preferences.
  • We strive to provide for their unique feeding requirements.
Our on-call staff is available after hours and on weekends.

Know more about how we can be of service by sending us a message online. Or, you can call us at 847-983-4332 for an immediate response. You can also set an appointment with one of our care professionals so we can personally talk about your care needs. Let us give you the care that you need today!